at Church of the Wayfarer

Benches and an arbor around a quaint brick pavilion in front of Church of the Wayfarer

More than a building —
a community...

Church of the Wayfarer is and has been a United Methodist Church for all of its over 100 years. We have also been a "community" church, a good neighbor and participant in the town activities.

In partnership with other community agencies and churches we have aided the homeless through, furnishing meals and temporary lodging, as well as an ongoing series of food bank contributions.

We also offer counseling, and have a scholarship program for high school seniors. Read on for more.

Counseling Services

Life's journey can sometimes be more challenging than we are prepared to handle by ourselves. Church of the Wayfarer has two ministries that may be helpful to you when you are ready to ask for help.

You can be assured that your conversations will be confidential. Compassionate hospital and hospice visitation by the pastor is always available and has the highest priority.

There is no charge for the pastor's services, nor do you have to be a member of Church of the Wayfarer; however, contributions for the ongoing work of the church are always welcome. Contact the church office at 624-3550 to schedule an appointment.

Scholarship Program

The Church of the Wayfarer Foundation proudly celebrates 32 years of awarding scholarships to graduating high school seniors in the Monterey Peninsula area. Since 1982, we have awarded over $600,000 to scholarship applicants.

The scholarships are based on the following:

  • academic proficiency
  • community service
  • participation in Christian church activities

Anyone wishing to apply for a scholarship should contact their high school counseling office in December or January.

Click to download the 2016 scholarship application in PDF format.

2015 Scholarship Recipients

2015 Scholarship Recipients

Left to right: Ashley Brady, Julia Clark, Grace Wodecki, Eunice Rhee,Coleton Rodd, Eva Pauley, Madelynn Whittaker, Erika DePalatis, Lola Hautau


2014 Scholarship Recipients

2014 Scholarship Recipients

Left to right: Johnny Lim, Jacob Loh, Nichole Hage, Rebecca Bruemmer, Ashley Yukihiro, Taylor Gonzalez, Sara Cho, Kendra Bell. Not pictured: Bethany Cripe, Allison Wheeler.


2013 Scholarship Recipients

2013 Scholarship Recipients

Front Row (left to right): Rebecca Chisholm, Tierney Hightower, Kendra Hoffman, Heidi Kunz, Lucy Scattini, Emily Stewart, Alexandra Wieting-Lukowski

Back Row (left to right): Jeffrey Bachini, Madeline Clark, Amanda Nansel-Giuliano, Ali Welschmeyer, Nicholas Gonzalez, Justin DePalatis


2012 Scholarship Recipients

2012 Scholarship Recipients

Front Row (left to right): Wyatt Carr, Naomi Catterlin, Steven Pina, Ann Marie Carrothers, Benjamin Bransford and Sierra Robinson

Back Row (left to right): Robert Salerno, Chandler Jennings, Michael Cho, John Duncan, Emily Long and Michael Blackburn

Not pictured: Hayoung Youn


2011 Scholarship Recipients

2011 Scholarship Recipients

Front Row (left to right): Melanie Hong; Danica Harootian; Allison Bales; Elizabeth Clark

Middle Row (left to right): Savannah Lee; Jade Hage; Katherine Congleton; Esther Han; Sophie Claudel

Back Row (left to right): Benjamin Regan; Erika Kreeger; Andrew Clark; Enoch Matsumara; Perry Choi


2009 Scholarship Recipients

2009 Scholarship Recipients

Front Row (left to right): Haley Markow, Carmel HS; Jeehee Cho, Pacific Grove HS; Ashley Hobson, Pacific Grove HS

Back Row (left to right): Caroline Yoon, York School; Matthew Claudel, York School; Tyler Greenway, Carmel HS; Jessica Lares, Calvary Christian HS

Not pictured: Reed Thayer and Zachary Parkes


2008 Scholarship Recipients

2008 Scholarship Recipients

Front Row (left to right): Katherine Hazdovac, Patrice Ware, Calee Gonzales, Laura Aung

Middle Row (left to right): Joyce Yoon, Patricia Ware, Steven Matsumura, Grace Hwang, Andre LaMothe

Back Row (left to right): Jonathan Gibbons, Nathan Tucker, Jerene Aldinger, Zachary Parkes, Victoria Lund

Photos by Kenneth L. Hess